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DC Dragonwing Sirocco "Rocky"


Rocky Pup Sirocco:
also sci·roc·co n. pl. si·roc·cos

  1. A hot humid south or southeast wind of southern Italy, Sicily, and the Mediterranean islands, originating in the Sahara Desert as a dry dusty wind but becoming moist as it passes over the Mediterranean.
  2. A hot or warm southerly wind, especially one moving toward a low barometric pressure center.

Rocky at the Show\Si*roc"co\ (s[i^]*r[o^]k"k[-o]), n.

In general, any hot dry wind of cyclonic origin, blowing from arid or heated regions, including the desert wind of Southern California, the harmattan of the west coasts of Africa, the hot winds of Kansas and Texas, the kamsin of Egypt, the leste of the Madeira Islands, and the leveche of Spain.

Rocky - Dragonwing Sirocco - Bred by Dragonwing Whippets
Rocky's Sire - Austr CH Hydale Black Instyle "Jesse"
Rocky's Dam - Lhaghana Grabrila "Ertha"

Pictures from Rocky's Pedigree

Rocky's Show Wins

Rocky's first ShowBorn on March 1st, 2004, Rocky came to us when he was 10 weeks old from Denmark on a flight to LAX.

Rocky is conformationally beautiful. He is a stallion of a whippet with a great sweeping outline and strong musculature development. His coat shines and shimmers like black liquid.

Rocky's strongest physical points are his great front and rear, wonderful angulation and the fact that he moves freely with great reach, confident and clean. Rocky is also an extremely athletic and keen lure courser. Most importantly, he has a loving and easy going disposition. He is a joy to have in our home. Rocky is an all around wonderful whippet.

Judge Barbara Ruth Smith said about him:

"The dog I found for Winners Dog and Best Opposite Sex (from the 9-12 month class) was everything I look for in a male whippet. Balanced, shapely, sound movement and above all excellent breed type. The style of this dog, so hard to find in a black, was exceptional. No doubt that he could do the job he was bred to do if put in the field. Also, with plenty of underjaw in a very pleasing head. This is not a dog to look at in pieces but to enjoy his overall quality."

In June 2005, our Dragonwing Sirocco completed his Conformation Champonship. Then in October 2007, Rocky completed his Lure Coursing Championship.


On October 20th and 21st the ALBUQUERQUE WHIPPET FANCIERS ASSOCIATION had a great lure coursing event. We happened to be in the neighborhood (okay if you call Utah, the neighborhood) and drove over, what a gorgeous drive!

The event is held in a beautiful open, natural grassland (with a few cactus, carefully removed from the field by diligent club members).

On Saturday, the weather was gorgeous and the perfect temperature for running. Rocky won BOB to finish his AKC Lure Coursing Championship. All of the breeds agreed to forfeit BIF as it had been a very long day of running and equipment challenges.

On Sunday, the weather turned quite challenging, with 30mph+ winds and wind chill temps near freezing. The ABQ club still managed to smile and kept everything running smoothly despite the weather challenges.
Rocky shone again taking BIF from the specials and his 18 month old pup "Sunny" took BOB.

Thanks again to the ABQ club and judges. What a great group of welcoming folks!