Flying Whippets

Welcome to Flying Whippets.

Our whippets are beloved family members living and playing with us each day. We discovered whippets at the perfect moment in our lives. We had just moved into a house with a large yard. Chad spends his days teaching at Elings Park, 130 acres of open space (where the dogs can play all day) and Lee Anne works from home, so our whippets have the best lives dogs can have.

We enjoy conformation and lure coursing with our whippets. These are the perfect venues to enjoy the grace, beauty, versatility and athletism of these incredible creatures.

Recently, Chad went landsailing with THREE Flying Whippets at El Mirage Dry Lake. Check out the action!

Rocky and a few of his offspring were together at a show, and we decided to do a portrait.

Our Whippets

Schuyler  "Sky"


On October 31, 2013 (Halloween) I happily flew home from Canada with our new little brindle puppy.  We teasingly refer to this Halloween arrival as our “little monster”, but his real call name is Schuyler (Sky). 

Sky is an absolute charmer.  In less than a week he had won over our senior, Kestrel and is regularly seen curled up and snoozing with her.  And just to prove Sky’s charm is universal, when Bo brought his three girls over, Sky was quickly flirting with all of them too.

Not surprisingly, all the humans surrounding him also think this little guy is smart, handsome, keen and charming.  

Sky enjoyed success in the show ring as a youngster, then took a break from conformation to pursue his lure coursing career.  In less than a year of coursing, he earned his field championship with a 5 point major on 11/28/15 under judges F. Yeh and V. Staack.  Now that he's completed his FC he'll be back in the show ring soon.

FC Avita Moondance  "Kestrel (Kess)"

Kess Our first Whippet. 

Kestrel is a classic Whippet, and has captured our hearts with her elegant and beautiful style. She is eminently feminine with a lovely outline. Kestrel is very keen and enjoys nothing more than chasing the lure.


Past Whippets

DC Dragonwing Sirocco "Rocky"

March 1, 2004 - Aug 27, 2013

Love at First Sight! When I came across Rocky's puppy picture, I knew he was meant to be part of our home. Luckily, Terje, his breeder agreed. Not an easy decision, I'm sure, as he had to send this charming little boy all the way from Denmark to California.

Rocky proved that black whippets can compete quite well in the show ring. His great side gait, clean coming and going, and typey conformation made him a hit! In just over two months of showing, Rocky had earned his majors and 13 points, 3 BOBs over specials and a group placement. Rocky placed in his class in the Nationals and in June 2005, Rocky completed his Championship under Judge Dr. Jon C Shelton. See more of Rocky's triumphs here.

Rocky tore up the lure coursing field, in the quest for his dual championship. Follow his lure coursing career here